CMJ Random Find of the Day: The Mumbles

Random Find of the Day: The Mumbles

Confession: my only reason for going to this show was that I have never been to Rockwood Music Hall and this was a perfect late-afternoon opportunity. As you walk down Allen Street passed those giant windows into this swanky, yet casual, venue you can’t help but to envy the people on the other side of the glass.The artists Rockwood feature on a regular basis (from legit jazz and bluegrass to indie acoustic) are always of the highest caliber, while their CMJ line-up was no different.

The Mumbles are a New Orleans based, avant soul duo that produces more sound and energy than most bands twice their size. Frontman Keith Burnstein hammers away on two keyboards; on his left he works intricate bass lines that would prove challenging for even the most seasoned player, all the while his right hand works his Nord keys with an array of organ and piano sounds. Keep in mind he’s singing lead the whole time. Ethan Shorter provides the backbone on the kit as he sings smooth yet hefty harmonies that one would expect from a Naw’lens soulful jazz musician.

The duo originally hail from our fair City of New York. They met in the rhythm section of a 14 piece hip hop orchestra, and in late 2006 broke off  to become The Mumbles. They toyed with the idea of moving to New Orleans and jokingly agreed it would happen when the Saints win the Superbowl…. And when the 2010 NFL playoffs were said and done, their decision was made for them. Fittingly, they even wrote a song about it, which they grooved out for us this afternoon.

If, for some reason you haven’t had enough music by the end of CMJ, The Mumbles are playing this Sunday at Bembe in Williamsburg. I highly suggest it and I will most likely be in attendance. According to the band themselves, this venue always turns into a righteous, all-night-long, dance party. So bring your dancing shoes and 5 Hour Energy shots for work on Monday morning. Speaking of which, gotta take one myself. Here’s to a fantastic band upon which I am happy to stumble, The Mumbles.

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