REVIEW- Mercies ‘The Ballet’


By Chandra Johnson

While listening to The Ballet, Mercies latest EP, it’s almost impossible not to feel their enchantment running through your veins. The trio released their debut album, Three Thousand Days, just last year and have been busy captivating audiences with their distinguished melodies and relatable, simple song lyrics ever since. Commissioned by The Charlottesville Ballet, they wrote two beautiful scores that are featured on this EP that transcends you to another time.

Although Josh Rheault was previously in another band, he wanted to pursue his own musical ideations as a songwriter and so he formed Mercies. He began to do so with the help of his friend Sammy Dent (drums) and after hard work and numerous hours of song writing, they released Three Thousand Days. With Dent and recently new member, Jordan Flower (bass), the band continues to work in their secluded Connecticut barn that Rheault had restored as a studio.

Featuring ballet scores, some new and reworked material, Mercies’ EP is set to be released later this month. In addition to touring to promote Three Thousand Days, the band hopes to collaborate with other dance companies and score films, among other ambitions. As the singer and guitar player of the band, Rheault’s intricate guitar playing is immensely powerful throughout all of the tracks. Check out ‘Take You Away’ off of The Ballet, as it is one of my favorites, in addition to ‘Animal’ off of their older album. Rheault, Dent and Flower’s continue to write new material in the hopes of releasing yet another full length album sometime shortly. This is indeed something we are patiently longing to hear.

The Ballet is out from March 27th and available here

Secret Sound Shop recorded a lovely video with Mercies late last summer. You can check it out here

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