ALBUM REVIEW: DRGN KING – Paragraph Nights


By Hannah Lazell

DRGN KING hail from Philadelphia, where Dominic Angelella and Brent “Ritz” Reynolds found their paths crossing in a chance recording session in early 2010.  It didn’t take long for Angelella, a versatile singer-songwriter and Reynolds, a hip hop producer (The Roots, Wale, Mac Miller), to find common ground and start producing deliciously unique music.

Thier debut album,  Paragraph Nights , set for release in January is nothing short of a true reflection of DRGN KING’s eclectic roots. There’s no doubting the hip hop roots of one half of the band – but at the same time, some tracks such as “Holy Ghost” have almost a rocky, Black Keys style feel to them. The end result is an eclectic feel to the music which keeps you listening again and again.

‘Paragraph Nights’, the title track starts the album off with a slow, haunting combination of vocals, piano and guitars, culminating in almost ethereal pauses before moving on.  Other tracks, such as ‘Wild Night’ and ‘Menswear’ are far more upbeat and grimy.  But for me, the real gems were ‘Altamont Sunrise’ and ‘Warriors’ because these are the tracks where the hip hop influence really emerges, transforming this from being an excellent album with music for all occasions to an outstanding, truly eclectic work of art.

In short – I’m hooked. If an album is too samey or doesn’t bring back memories then I probably won’t listen to it much.  But if it’s different, takes on board different styles of music and isn’t afraid to take risks then I’ll listen to it over and over – which is what I’ll be doing with Paragraph Nights. Have a listen – you won’t be let down.

Catch DRGN KING on tour

DECEMBER 6th – Shea Stadium, Brooklyn NY
DECEMBER 7th- The Orphan Gallery, Boston, MA
DECEMBER 8th – The Candy Barrel, New Brunswick, NJ

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